It is clear that any activity takes place in consult with the owners.The planning is always aprooved by the owners.It is only normal that your estate has different needs but we have an anser for any request.Don 't hasitate, fill out our contactform and will contact you as quick as possible.
Next to the regular maintenance ,we are also available for small repairs inside / outside and the follow up  of any major construction or activiy on your estate.
It is always nice to find the estate in the best condition at your arrival for you aswell as for your guests.We offer a large spectrum of activities in order to maintain your house, pool and garden in the best condition.We can deliver our services on a regular basis:
For the garden:
-mowing the lawn
-removing the weed
-early season treatment against the weed.
-trimming trees and bushes
-removing the fallen leaves
-vertifying the lawn.
-cleaning the gutters
For the house:
-air the house
-removing the dust
-mopping the floors
-cleaning the windows
-cleaning toilets and bathrooms.
-Cleaning and keeping in condition any sink
For the pool:
-controling the waterquality
-starting the poolcleaning and heating.
-Avoid any fluctuations regarding chore and ph volues.
-check up cleaning and heating system.
-controling any security system.