Rental services.

Renting out your estate when you live at a large distance isn 't always simple therefor it is important to have someone you can rely on  and who is a support and point of contact for your guests.For you as owner it 's important to have someone you can trust to be responsable for cleaning and maintenance aswell as for any adminstrational problem.
Our service includes:
-To give a warm welcome to your guests with a small welcome present.
-Point of conatct for your guests if needed and we can give them the first basic tourisitc information.
-Inventorycontrol at arrival and departure of your guests.
-Controlling the meeters for gas,water and electricity.
-Managing the deposit.
-Weekly cleaning at cost for your guests(100€)
-Cleaning and changing the sheets.
-We can deliver o chef in you kitchen with service included.
Our presence at the estate is limited to an absolute minimum during the stay of your guests in order to let them enjoy their stay.
We can adjust our package to the needs of the owner in order to optimize the package.